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Industrial Measurement
Industrial Measurement Services

Industrial Measurement

Manufacturing is inherently a complex process involving various pieces of equipment and structures. Through our experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process and through the application of advanced industrial metrology processes, we help our clients not only improve process control, equipment reliability, and mechanical alignment but also define preventive maintenance best practices.


Falk PLI was the first company to bring advanced laser tracking and scanning technologies to the metals industry, giving us unmatched experience and expertise in understanding equipment functionality, mechanical alignment, and reliability maintenance requirements. We take a systematic approach to industrial metrology that gets you back up and running.


Falk PLI provides 3D laser scanning services to measure and model complex piping and structural members of operational components, identifying equipment interferences and other key areas in need of inspection. The resulting “first-time-field-fit” not only reduces costly re-work but serves as an incident mitigation strategy.

Power Generation

Falk PLI works to maximize “up time” in power generation. For turbine, generator, and motor alignment, laser tracking methodology provides unparalleled speed and accuracy in measurement collection. For structure verification, including: electrical substation, hydro turbines, flood gates, and construction monitoring, a combination of laser scanning and total station practices provides monitoring capabilities.