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Falk PLI’s methods for problem-solving helped reduce turbine outages and improved operational efficiency. Utilizing laser tracker technology, we provided greater accuracy and efficiency than traditional measurement practices. 3D measurements were then compared to CAD drawings or manufacturer tolerances calling out components that are out of specification. Our team recommended a course for alignment to improve turbine efficiency. Customizable reports included: bore and bearing profiles, dynamic monitoring surveys, and alignment and elevation drawings.

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Fabrication Verification Dresser-Rand | Scranton, Pennsylvania

With the rotor pulled out of the lower casing, Falk PLI’s crew was able to measure and report: casing split line elevation, diaphragm alignment and elevation, bearing diameter and profiles, and bore diameter and profiles. Using the laser tracker to obtain our measurements, we were able to quickly and accurately gather a large amount of data, provide detailed analysis relative to turbine centerline and provide shimming recommendations. Traditional measurement methods would have been limited to horizontal and vertical deviations.