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Transmission & Distribution
Transmission Line Clearance Blueprint

As electricity suppliers focus on efforts to modernize the electric grid, improve efficiency and reliability of service, and adapt “smart” technologies, they are partnering with suppliers who offer innovative solutions. With laser scanning technology, Falk PLI can capture vital data needed without having the client schedule outages or put workers at risk near high voltage equipment. The process measures millions of data points in 3D that are converted into CAD drawings to create a visual database, conceptual designs, and surface mappings for subsidence and deformation monitoring.

Featured Project

ComEd Davis Creek Substation Laser Scan | Essex, Illinois

Falk PLI used the basis 3D laser scanning to generate custom reports for ComEd including: 3D pointcloud for autocad analysis, 2D drawings of areas surveyed, and detailed tables itemizing structures. This information is used by the engineers in the office for component replacement and documentation for an emergency outage. As a result of this work, laser scanning is becoming a key methodology for future substation upgrade projects to avoid the scheduling of outages for the sole purpose of collecting data.