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Refining Equipment

3D laser scanning technology is used to measure, model and map complex piping structures found in chemical refineries. The process measures individual data points in 3D (up to 1M pts/sec) and then joins the points together into photo-realistic Point Clouds.  By creating a visual database, the client can interact with the measurement data by comparing to CAD drawings or conceptual designs from their desktop reducing the need for multiple site visits and improving overall project coordination.

Featured Project

Valdes Engineering – Koch Fertilization Plant | Fort Dodge, Iowa

Koch Fertilization lacked the necessary drawings to support a piping upgrade project.  Working with Valdes Engineering, Falk PLI crews updated site control for the plant site and utilized laser scanning technology to generate a 3D pointlcoud of the facility including all piping structures.  The pointcloud was registered and transferred to Valdes Engineering who completed the pipe designs required for the project from the 3D measurements provided.