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Falk PLI has worked with our steel processing clients to determine how equipment misalignment impacts common quality rejects including: edge damage, poor winding, coil breaks, center buckle, and out-of-square or staggered blanks. Often alignment studies, part of routine maintenance or the result of reoccurring rejections or a quality containment incident, provide a better understanding of equipment stability and performance relative to acceptable tolerance.

Featured Project

Presentation to FMA Toll Processing Council – Slitter Exit End Study

The above slitter animation shows the deflection of the roll based on 3 coils representing varying strengths and chemistries. Using laser tracker technology, Falk PLI mounted nests and the SMR to the recoiler and measured deflection. While equipment is designed to move, is the movement predictable and within design tolerances? While the onset of AHHS will continue to push the design parameters of processing equipment, Falk PLI is working to help our clients get capital upgrade performance on a maintenance budget.