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Primary Operations
twin slab caster shown

From raw material handling to final slab production, Falk PLI has been using cutting edge technology to help our clients solve operational problems and increase productivity.


Laser Scanning technology measures and models large, complex sites and structures quickly, accurately, and safely and can be utilized to verify as-built conditions for Blast Furnaces, BOF/EAF Hoods, Coke Ovens, overhead structures, and piping.


Laser Tracking technology is quickly becoming the industry standard for caster alignments.


Featured Project

US Steel Gary Works – Caster Alignment | Gary, IN

Our process begins by completely removing all the segments from the caster and involves comprehensive measurement and analysis of pads, pins, keepers, saddles, and segment repair stands relative to plan specifications. Recommendations are made for shimming practices and a best-fit center for proper caster alignment is calculated.

Our practice has proven to be 10 times faster than conventional surveying and has received numerous recognitions from AIST Operating Committees.