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Plate Mill Operations
Plate Mill Operations

Due to global competition, plate mill operations are experiencing increased demands for improved product quality, mill productivity, and operational reliability. Proper equipment alignment often improves performance metrics without capital investment. Falk PLI’s laser tracker alignment analysis includes: reheat furnaces, reversing mills, steckel mill, transfer tables, cooling beds, and shearing and leveling operations.

Featured Project

Evraz Regina – Plate Mill Modernization – Drive Shaft As-built | Saskatchewan, Canada

As part of a $200M modernization to the mechanical, electrical, and automation systems, Falk PLI provided a complete laser scan and 3D pointcloud of the plate mill operation. The resulting information accurately documented as-found conditions aiding in design efforts. A unique challenge of the project was maintaining operations while constructing a new foundation and downcolier in an adjacent building, requiring a comprehensive understanding of mill stability and an integrated process to ensure construction site control.