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Motors & Pumps
Case monitoring deviation elevation to motor shaft

Falk PLI uses 3D laser tracking and laser scanning technologies to provide precision installation and alignment for motors and pumps. Laser scanning provides the gross spatial measurements for larger components whereas laser tracking provides the precise vertical and horizontal measurements to align the motor, pumps, shaft and foundations. Proper alignment reduces wear of bearings, couplings, and seals, reduces energy usage, and maximizes machine utilization. Measurement data can be used for ongoing maintenance or reverse engineering.

Featured Project

D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant | Stevensville, Michigan

Our team worked with the pump OEM to determine ideal points to monitor for pump housings and bearings. Starting from a cold state through full operation, we recorded the 3D movement of 11 designated points and correlated data with the temperature reading of the pump. By plotting the movement of the pump over time and temperature, we were able to simulate the operating conditions for future modifications and new pump installation.