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Hot Mill Operations
dynamic coiler equipment

When rolling mill equipment deviates from planned alignment specifications it can have significant impact on productivity and product quality. Our experience on over 10,000 Hot Mill outages and expertise with laser technologies makes Falk PLI the industry leader in solving alignment challenges.

Featured Project

ThyssenKrupp – Installation of Hot Mill Stands | Calvert, Alabama

Working in a collaborative manner with the technology and expertise of Falk PLI, ThyssenKrupp was able to achieve precision equipment installation and alignment without the costs and delays associated with third party checks. This allowed contractors and equipment OEM’s to address concerns in “live time” instead of waiting for a report on conditions. Whether it is a new mill installation or routine maintenance, our practices are more efficient and reliable than traditional mill surveys.
Falk PLI remains the preferred supplier of alignment services and works with AMNS to develop maintenance best practices.