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Turbine Machine

With the use of specialized metrology equipment, the Falk PLI team can expertly perform internal alignment of turbine shafts, generators and other equipment, install and set bulb turbine housings and report absolute monitoring of super structures. We provide a tailored deliverable that contains visual analysis and digital reporting within fractions of a millimeter.

Featured Project

Hydroelectric Project

As part of this $200M 6-year project, Falk PLI worked with AMP’s designated industrial contractors to provide equipment alignment for installation of equipment. The Falk PLI team recognized the efficiencies that our laser tracker methodology could lend to the project:
-Measurements were provided at up to 10,000 observations per second yielding excellent statistical redundancy and repeatability
-Locations of mounting holes, pins or surfaces that were out-of-spec were analyzed and documented
-Recommendations were given to bring the sections into alignment in a fast and effective manner