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Crane outages can cause havoc on operational efficiencies. Inspection and maintenance practices are paramount in avoiding costly delays and even deadly crane failures.


With Laser Scanning technology, Falk PLI collects all the necessary measurements prior to the outage from the ground without shutting down the operation or putting workers at risk. Our comprehensive approach analyzes the entire crane structure:  girder alignment, camber and deflection of the girder, plumb of structural column supports, and gauge between rails.

Featured Project

US Steel Gary Works QBOP – Crane Rail Maintenance and Alignment | Gary, Indiana

The challenge – how to safely, quickly, and accurately measure crane rail structures that are 50’ above ground. Conventional survey requires shutdown of the operations and man-lifts in order to take measurements. Our methodology measures from the ground and a crane mount then combines data into a 3D coordinate system. The quantity and quality of data gathered by laser scanning expands the information available to make adjustments to rails and girders as well as entire support structure often uncovering the root cause of crane failure.