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BIM & 3D Modeling
3D Model of Kiln, top image

Once laser scan point cloud data has been collected, as-built conditions are translated into a 3D working model of the equipment or structure specific to client specifications. Providing a 3D workflow aids in project conceptualization, planning, analysis, and design best practices and provides information useful to the AEC industry. Deliverables include raw data files, 2D drawings, and 3D models.

Featured Project

John Middleton Cigar Plant, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Laser scanning technology provides 3D workflow that aids in project conceptualization, planning, analysis, and design. Applicable for expansion projects or aiding in equipment placement including structure, pipe, and electrical interface. Falk PLI’s SCAN to BIM methodology enabled our team to produce a TruView virtual reality of the building structure, Revit models of the building interior shell, detailed HVAC, plumbing, fire protection piping, as well as structural columns, beams, and roof trusses.