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As-Built Inspection
Inspection for As built

In addition to our traditional site survey services, Falk PLI can help you improve methods for construction, inspection, and renovation of buildings and structures through laser scanning. By employing 3D models and augmented reality systems, we can now compare 3D CAD models to BIM and even to actual construction progress, reducing field re-work and aid in remediation.

Featured Project

Northwestern Lurie Children’s Hospital – Mortenson Construction and Power Construction Company

Falk PLI union survey crews provided as-built services including: establishing site control, potholing to identify and locate utility lines, monitoring sheet piling, and steam tunnel settlement monitoring. Accuracy in these construction and monitoring services identified over 40 existing concrete caissons from a previous building on the site. We worked with contractor to redesign the new caissons preventing a delay and avoiding a $50K change order to the general contractor, keeping the project on schedule and under budget.